All About New Gogoro Jego Smartscooter
All About New Gogoro Jego Smartscooter

All About New Gogoro Jego Smartscooter

March 18, 2024
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Taiwan-based company Gogoro recently introduced its latest electric smart scooter, named Jego. Marketed as “A ride for the electric era,” the scooter boasts a fresh, simple yet attractive design. Gogoro has commenced deliveries of the Jego smart scooter in Taiwan, and within its first week on the market, it has achieved remarkable sales figures, surpassing Gogoro’s own vehicle sales records.

Let’s delve into the key details of this new smart scooter by Gogoro:


The design of the Jego electric scooter by Gogoro exudes freshness, simplicity, and attractiveness. With its sleek lines and modern aesthetic, it catches the eye effortlessly. The scooter features a Full LED, Full-Color Clear Display, adding a touch of sophistication while providing clear and vibrant visuals for the rider. Overall, the design of the Jego reflects Gogoro’s commitment to blending style with functionality in the electric scooter market.



162 km

Top Speed
68 km/h

Luggage Space

Eco-Speedy Hub Motor (reduces service and maintenance), Comfy Seat- Extended upto 68 cm 



The Gogoro Jego smart scooter boasts a range of features designed to enhance the riding experience and ensure convenience for users. It eliminates vibrations and exhaust emissions, providing a smoother and cleaner ride while also reducing environmental impact. With no heat generated during operation and an anti-theft system in place, riders can enjoy added comfort and security. The scooter incorporates advanced battery technology, offering reliable performance and longer-lasting power for extended rides. Jego scooter comes in both dual and single batteriesSynchronized braking and standard dual disk brakes ensure safer and more efficient braking, enhancing rider confidence on the road. Additionally, the one-click reverse feature simplifies maneuvering, allowing users to move backward and forward effortlessly. Effortless parking is facilitated by a spacious trunk and collapsible step bar, while amenities such as a handy cup holder and familiar key ignition further contribute to rider convenience. With maintenance required only every 5,000 km, the Gogoro Jego smart scooter offers a hassle-free ownership experience, allowing riders to focus more on enjoying their journey.


The Gogoro Jego Smartscooter is available in a range of four vibrant and eye-catching colors, ensuring it stands out on the streets. These colors include: 



In a bid to make the JEGO Smartscooter more accessible, Gogoro has implemented an aggressive pricing strategy. The electric scooter is offered at an enticing starting price of just USD$760 post government subsidies. Moreover, Gogoro introduces a promotional battery swapping subscription plan,  at USD$7 per month for 1,000km of range when prepaid for 36 months.

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