Top Electric Scooters Under 1 Lakh in India
Top Electric Scooters Under 1 Lakh in India

Top Electric Scooters Under 1 Lakh in India

June 20, 2024
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The electric scooter market has seen a surge in offerings from major OEMs like Ola, Bajaj, Ampere, Revolt Motors, etc.  These companies have been focusing on performance and features and on providing budget-friendly options. Recognizing the growing demand for affordable transportation, several manufacturers are introducing electric scooters priced under 1 lakh.

So, in this article, we will explore some of the top electric scooters in this price range, highlighting their key features and benefits for cost-conscious consumers.

1] OLA S1X 

Ola Electric, the premium electric two-wheeler manufacturer has the S1X portfolio of scooters under the 1 lakh price tag. Ola S1X is available in three variants – 2kWh, 3kWh, and 4kWh. 

The Ola S1X 2kWh is priced at ₹74,999, while the S1X 3kWh comes in at ₹84,999. For those seeking a higher capacity, the S1X 4kWh is available for ₹99,999. The price of the 4kWh  variant may exceed a bit, ex- showroom but still, the scooter can be considered as an affordable variant. Additionally, Ola also offers its X+ variant, priced at ₹89,999, providing consumers with a variety of options to suit different needs and budgets.

Here are some key features and specifications of all the S1X and X+ scooters:

ModelRangeTop SpeedMotor PowerStorage CapacityAcceleration (0-40 km/h)Battery Warranty

Ola S1X 2kWh95 km per charge85 km/h6 kW34 L4.1 secs8 years

Ola S1X 3kWh143 km per charge90 km/h6 kW34 L3.3 secs8 years

Ola S1X 4kWh190 km per charge90 km/h6 kW34 L3.3 secs8 years

Ola S1X+151 km per charge90 km/h6 kW34 L3.3 secs8 years


The features for all variants of the Ola S1X are nearly identical. Each variant comes equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD instrument cluster, a physical key for starting and unlocking the EV, telescopic front suspension, dual rear shocks, and drum brakes at both ends. Some more features include proximity unlock, access control, and three riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sports. The charging time varies by battery capacity: 5 hours for the 2kWh, 7.4 hours for the 3kWh, and 6.5 hours for the 4kWh.

There are a few significant differences in features with S1X+ as the scooter comes with a larger 5-inch LCD instrument console, a digital key, phone connectivity, navigation, and cruise control. However, it shares several features with the S1X models, including 12-inch wheels, drum brakes at both ends, and three riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sports.

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Greaves Electric Mobility’s Ampere Magnus EX is one of the top electric scooters under the 1 lakh price segment. Ampere Magnus EX is priced at  ₹94900. The expansive electric scooter for families incorporates a range of enhanced and innovative features, alongside what the company asserts as unparalleled comfort and exceptionally functional performance. 

Here are some key features and specifications of Ampere Magnus EX:


Max Speed
50 ± 3 kmph

Max Loading Capacity
150 kg

Charge Time (Normal)
6 to 7 hours

80-100 km per charge

0-40 kmph in 10 seconds

60V, 38.25AH Advanced Lithium Battery

60V, 7.5A Li

Ground Clearance
147 mm

What’s Included
Charger, tool kit, first-aid kit, user manual, service coupons



The Magnus EX electric scooter offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features designed to enhance both safety and comfort. It incorporates a dual-wheel compound braking system with drum brakes on the front and rear wheels, ensuring superior stopping power and a secure ride. The scooter’s all-new infotainment system, equipped with gesture control, provides an intuitive user experience, complemented by a reverse mode that facilitates easy maneuvering in confined spaces.

Furthermore, the Magnus EX prioritizes rider convenience with durable shock absorbers for smooth rides across various terrains and telescopic suspension that enhances stability. Safety features include a combined braking system and a side stand sensor, while the innovative Limp Home function allows for continued operation for up to 10 kilometers when the battery capacity drops to 10%. Additional highlights include LED headlights for enhanced visibility, an LCD instrument cluster with keyless entry, under-seat trunk lighting, etc. 


Bajaj Auto recently launched its most budget-friendly Chetak model to date, the Chetak 2901, priced at Rs 95,998 ex-showroom. Positioned strategically below the Urbane and Premium versions of the Chetak, this new variant aims to provide a budget-friendly electric scooter option, staying just under the Rs 1 lakh threshold.

Here are some key features and specifications of Bajaj Chetak 2901:


123 km

Top Speed
63 kmph

Charging Time
6 hours

Riding Modes
Eco and Sports



The Bajaj Chetak 2901 comes equipped with a color digital instrument cluster that offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless integration with your smartphone. The  TecPac enables additional functionalities such as Hill Hold, Reverse mode, and Sport and Economy modes. Users can also benefit from call and music control directly through the scooter’s interface. The scooter includes Follow Me Home lights for added convenience and Bluetooth App connectivity, enhancing user interaction and control over various aspects of the vehicle’s operation through a smartphone app. 

4] RIVOT NX100

Revolt Motors launched their premium electric scooter, the Rivot NX100, last year. This Indian-made two-wheeler is crafted to be smarter and more powerful, featuring cutting-edge technology and unique design elements that distinguish it as an advanced and durable product. The Rivot NX100 is offered in five variants: Classic, Pro, Max, Sports, and OffLander. The Classic model is priced below 1 lakh, at Rs 89,000.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features and specifications of the Rivot NX100 classic variant:


Real Range
100 KM

Top Speed
110 KM

Battery Pack
1920 Wh

750 W Portable charger


The Rivot NX100 Classic variant boasts a range of advanced features, including a Combi Brake System, recoEngine, and Reverse Gear for enhanced safety and maneuverability. It is equipped with a 7.84″ segment display, providing clear and comprehensive information at a glance. The scooter features a durable steel tire rim, LED projector headlights for improved visibility, and a 750W portable charger. Additionally, it comes with 90/90 12 front and rear tubeless tires, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride. 


Bengaluru-based smart mobility firm Bounce Infinity launched the E1 scooter variants last year. E1 is available in three variants named- E.1+, E.1 LE, and E.1. The E.1+ is priced at Rs ₹1,09,605. It is slightly higher than 1 lakh but considering its performance capabilities the scooter can be considered as an affordable variant. 

Here are some key features and specifications of Bounce Infinity E.1+:

Bounce Infinity E.1+

Real World Range
70+ km

Top Speed
65 km/h

1.9 kWh


The Bounce Infinity E.1+ features a stylish design and strong build, making it ideal for Indian roads. Made in India, this scooter is designed to meet the needs of Indian riders. It comes in a vast array of color options, allowing users to choose from a variety of shades. The color options are as follows:

Sparkle Black
Comet Gray
Sporty Red
Pearl White
Rock Grey
Serene Green
Dazzling Blue

6] Vida V1

Hero Electric’s Vida V1 electric scooter has consistently been praised for its superior specifications and features. Available in two variants, Vida V1 Plus and Vida V1 Pro, the Vida V1 Plus is priced at ₹1,02,700, just slightly over the 1 lakh mark.

Here are some key features and specifications of Vida V1 Plus:


143 km

Top Speed
80 km/h

Battery Capacity
3.44 kWh

3.4 secs

Riding Modes

Motor Power
6 kW

Battery Warranty
5 years

Charging (0-80%)
65 minutes

Portable Charger
0-80% in 5 hours, 55 mins



The Vida V1 Plus scooter is equipped with a vibrant 19.05 cm TFT display, offering a crystal-clear view of your route and easy access to your EV documents. You can control your speed with ease, setting the maximum speed limit at the touch of a button, even from a distance. The scooter keeps you informed about the battery status, allowing you to plan for recharges. Additionally, it features an SOS-ready function, providing real-time emergency alerts to get the attention of your loved ones when needed. The scooter also includes “follow me home” lights, an electronic seat handle lock, cruise control, a two-way throttle for reverse and regen assist, and incoming call alerts.

The Vida V1 Plus scooter comes with a smarter key fob that works whether you have a physical key or not, allowing effortless power-up. With remote control functionality, starting your Vida V1’s ride is just a touch away, ensuring all access with no stress. This feature-rich scooter is designed for convenience and safety, making it a highly attractive option for modern commuters.

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