February 7, 2023

TATA ELECTRIC CARS: Tata motors are going to launch a new version of electric vehicles in India in the year 2023. Tata motors have already launched its electric version of Existing ICE cars in India. About 4 Tata Electric cars are currently available in India and they are, Tata Tigor EV, Tata Nexon EV Max, Tata Nexon EV Prime and Tata Tiago EV.

Currently, Tata Nexon EV and Tata Tigor EV placed TATA at the top position in the electric cars market. Tata motors hold close to 90% of the market share in the EV cars industry. Tata is moving more aggressively by launching their electric cars in the Indian market. Here is a quick overview of upcoming electric vehicles from Tata motors in India.



Tata motors going to launch the most awaited Tata avinya to the Indian Market. Tata unveiled the concept of avinya on 29th April 2022. Avinya is a futuristic electric car in which IN in avinya stands for India ( This car is born from Indian roads ). Avinya word in Sanskrit stands for Innovation. Assence of a premium hatchback, the functionality of an MPV, SUV looking Crossover design will be combined in this making it a unique car in this segment. Front and rear Tata logo-inspired DRL and tail light, frameless butterfly doors, rotating driver seat, console-inspired steering wheel, Voice assistance and individual sound system are some of the highlights of this Tata Avinya. This concept car will be based on Gen 3 Pure ev platform.  It is very Concise in height approx to 4.5 feet but large in length. It will take at least 2 years for the completion of production and Introducing into the market.


Tata motors are going to launch an electric version of harrier soon in India. Tata harrier ev has been showcased at the Auto expo 2023 and we can expect it to land in Indian markets before 2024. Tata Harrier EV is based on the OMEGARC platform and it’s going to launch in FWD and AWD versions. That means it’ll have electric motors in front as well as rear. Tata has made some cosmetic changes to the harrier ev compared to the ICE harrier. The exact specs of the car are not revealed yet but it is produced with a specialized Feature i.e. without handles to open the doors of ev and will be operated by sensors having specialized features. We’ll have a radiator in the ice version for releasing air, whereas no radiator is present in ev and it’s equipped with radar sensors. That means it’s going to come with 360 degrees camera, Adaptive cruise control and emergency braking.


Tata showcased its most awaited electric car, sierra ev in the auto expo 2023. It was previously unveiled at the auto expo 2020, but it couldn’t able to make its way into the market till now. The older Sierra in the ICE version has been the most loved SUV by Indian people in the 1990s.  More or less the design and SUV language of the sierra ev is going to be the same as the Older ICE one, but obviously, the front grill and Ev badging will be added for sharp looks. This sierra ev which is shown in the auto expo 2023 was a production-ready model and production of this is going to start in 2025. No exact details related to the powertrain or battery pack is revealed yet, as the launch might be scheduled in 2024, and the details might be leaked in the coming course of time. The expected price of this Premium Electric SUV is 25 Lakhs.




Tata curvv is a concept suv electric car from Tata. Tata is going to launch this curvv in electric as well as in ICE Versions. Tata curvv comes with a unique, dynamic and Sporty design. The body is designed with sharp edges and crisp lines. Some of the key highlights of tata curvv includes automatic frameless doors, Huge displays, futuristic steering wheel, fabric interiors, leather seats and Panaromic sunroof. The exact powertrain and battery details are yet to be revealed by tata. This Tata curvv may launch by the end of 2024 in the Indian market.



Tata is teasing the launch of altroz in an electric version for quite a long time. But the exact confirmation or leaks are not yet public. In terms of design, Tata altroz is going to be like the existing ice altroz. It’s going to be powered by ziptron technology which is used in the current Nexon ev and tigor ev. The launch of altroz ev is going to take place somewhere in between 2024. The expected price of this tata altroz is 8 to 10 lakhs.




One more interesting and recently teased electric car from tata is Punch ev. This tata Punch ev is expected to showcase at auto expo 2023 but tata wasn’t able to make its way for this. This punch ev is going to share same ziptron technology which is used in the current best-selling Nexon ev. The tata Punch is expected with a 25 to 30 kWh battery pack and a 300 to 350 kilometres IDC Range. The expected price of this tata punch ev is 13 to 15 lakhs. Tata punch ev is going to be the game changer at that price point once it gets launched in the market. We can expect the launch of punch ev by the end of 2023 or in the first quarter of 2024.

So, these are the electric cars which are lined up to hit the Indian EV market in the upcoming days.

To find out more about TATA’s Upcoming Electric Cars, watch this video.

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