Tata Motors Eyes on China: set to challenge China’s EV giant BYD and NIO
Tata Motors Eyes on China: set to challenge China’s EV giant BYD and NIO

Tata Motors Eyes on China: set to challenge China’s EV giant BYD and NIO

June 21, 2024
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Tata Motors has firmly established itself as a major force in India’s electric vehicle (EV) market, commanding a market share exceeding 70%. This success is attributed to the company’s innovative products, strategic vision, and dedication to sustainability. To further strengthen its position and facilitate expansion, Tata Motors is now eyeing the Chinese EV market.

Let’s quickly have a look at the key details of this crucial news:

Entering Chinese EV Market

To make a significant impact in China, Tata Motors plans to introduce an electrified version of the JLR Freelander through its Chinese joint venture, CJLR. This move aims to challenge established players like BYD and NIO. Recently, the company announced that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will revive its iconic Freelander—after a decade—specifically for the Chinese market in an electric version.

Revival of Freelander Brand

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plans to bring back the Freelander brand in a new electric form. This model will be developed in collaboration with Chery Automobile through their established joint venture, CJLR. In a regulatory filing, Tata Motors revealed that both firms have signed a letter of intent to license the Freelander brand to CJLR. This initiative aims to enhance the product portfolio in China, the world’s fastest-growing EV market.

CJLR, a 50-50 joint venture between JLR and China-based Chery Automobile, is at the core of this venture. The Freelander, initially produced from 1997 to 2015 before being succeeded by Discovery Sport in 2016, will be reimagined under this new partnership. The joint venture will focus on producing advanced electric vehicles based on Chery’s EV architecture under the Freelander brand.

Expansion and Global Export Plans

JLR has stated that in its new CJLR form, the Freelander will offer a variety of mainstream electric vehicles. Initially, these vehicles will be sold exclusively in China through a distinct network, but the plan is to eventually export them globally. 

Manufacturing Plans and Market Strategy

While the exact production date for the new electric Freelander has not been announced, it will be manufactured at CJLR’s existing facility in Changshu. JLR aims to capture a share of China’s vast auto market, where local brands like BYD and Great Wall Motor are leading with high-tech electric and hybrid vehicles. This venture aligns with Tata Motors Ltd.’s broader goal of making its electric business profitable.

Strategic Implications for Tata Motors

Manufacturing the Freelander as an EV is expected to bolster Tata Motors’ efforts to achieve profitability in its electric division. This strategic move not only strengthens Tata Motors’ presence in the largest auto market globally but also showcases the potential for future collaborations and innovations in the EV sector.

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