Switch Mobility Delivers SWITCH EiV 22 Double decker Electric Buses to BEST Mumbai
Switch Mobility Delivers SWITCH EiV 22 Double decker Electric Buses to BEST Mumbai

Switch Mobility Delivers SWITCH EiV 22 Double decker Electric Buses to BEST Mumbai

February 13, 2023

Switch Mobility Ltd. delivers the first set of SWITCH EiV 22, India’s first electric double-decker buses to BEST Mumbai

SWITCH Mobility Ltd (‘SWITCH’), a Hinduja Group company and the next-generation carbon-neutral electric bus and light commercial vehicle manufacturer, today, delivered the first set of SWITCH EiV 22 to Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST), Mumbai. This first set of deliveries is part of the 200 electric double-decker buses order for BEST, the most prolific bus operator of double-decker buses in India for over seven decades.

SWITCH EiV 22 Electric Bus 

SWITCH EiV 22 is India’s first and unique electric double-decker air-conditioned bus designed, developed, and manufactured in India, utilizing SWITCH’s global electric bus experience. SWITCH EiV 22 is equipped with the latest technology, ultra-modern design, the highest safety, and best-in-class comfort features.

 Mr. Mahesh Babu, Chief Executive Officer – of Switch Mobility Ltd, said,

‘’SWITCH is committed to its vision of democratizing zero-carbon mobility, through innovative, technologically advanced products like the SWITCH EiV 22, India’s first electric double-decker that was launched in August 2022. Today, we are delighted and proud to deliver the first of the 200 electric double-deckers to BEST. The SWITCH EiV 22 will carry forward the legacy of double-deckers in Mumbai, in this decade and beyond, and further enhance the sustainable footprint that BEST has embarked upon in recent times. With superior customer comfort and customer delight, we are certain that SWITCH EiV 22 will transform public transport in Mumbai, and bring back many iconic, fond memories for Mumbaikars’’.

Mr. Lokesh Chandra, General Manager – of Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport, said

‘’It’s a historic moment for BEST to induct India’s first AC, electric double-decker bus in its fleet. Fulfilling the vision of green and clean mobility of Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modiji,
procurement of these buses is done under the National Clean Air Program (NCAP). Under the guidance of Hon’ble CM Shri Eknath Shindeji and Hon’ble DCM Shri Devendra Fadanvisji to make Public Bus Transport in Mumbai at par with global standards, these electric double-decker AC buses will provide a world-class travel experience to Mumbaikars. Fitted with live
tracking devices, CCTV cameras, and panic buttons for women’s safety, these buses will be 100% digital with a ‘Tap-in Tap-out’ facility and will run on 100% green (solar energy)’’.

The SWITCH electric double-decker has a lightweight aluminum body construction with an
advanced architecture and can ferry nearly twice the number of seated passengers as a
comparable single-decker bus with just an 18% increase in Kerb weight. With contemporary styling and feel-good interiors and exteriors, the electric double-decker boasts wide front and rear doors, two staircases, and an emergency door complying with the latest safety standards. The AC offers effective cooling in India’s hot climatic conditions, while the optimized seating for 65 passengers is the maximum number of seats to be offered in the given footprint. Each seat has a lightweight cushion and the interiors come with car-like comfort for passenger convenience. This state-of-the-art electric double-decker serves as an ideal solution for urban commuting, as they occupy less road, terminal, and depot floor space per seated passenger.

Powering SWITCH EiV 22 is a 231 kWh capacity, 2-string, liquid-cooled, higher density NMC
chemistry battery pack with a dual gun charging system. This enables the electric double-decker to have a range of up to 250 km for intra-city applications.

About BEST:

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST) is a civic transport and electricity provider public body based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. BEST operates one of India’s largest fleets of buses and operating India’s largest Electric bus fleet of 410 buses. The bus transport service covers the entire city and extends its operations outside city limits into neighbouring urban areas serving a population of 16 million in the MMR region, BEST daily ridership has more than 35 lakhs. To achieve the vision of “shared, clean and connected mobility”, BEST had undertaken a number of commuter-centric initiatives during the last one and half years to make City Bus Service – reliable, efficient,
passenger-friendly, climate-friendly, and sustainable. The introduction of Electric Double Decker buses in the BEST Fleet is part of the long-term vision of BEST to convert its whole fleet of 10,000 buses by 2026 to electric. BEST has already placed the order for 3000 Electric AC buses, with a delivery schedule of December 2023. By December 2023, the BEST fleet will become 7000 buses and 50% will become electric. For the operation of these electric buses, BEST had already constructed 700 MW of Solar Power from SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India). The operation of 10,000 Electric buses over a 10 years period will save 6000 million liters of fossil fuel and 6.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. With the monetization of Carbon Credits BEST will earn Rs.500 Crores during this period. Other initiatives like a digital bus (100% Tap-in Tap Out facility), a Mobile App for live tracking of buses, crowdedness in the buses and digital ticketing had improved commuter experience and reliability of City Bus Operation and daily ridership had gone up from 22.5 lakh to 35 lakhs during last one year making the Bus operation, more sustainable financially.

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