Speedways Electric Leads India’s EV Sector Innovation at Startup Mahakumbh
Speedways Electric Leads India’s EV Sector Innovation at Startup Mahakumbh

Speedways Electric Leads India’s EV Sector Innovation at Startup Mahakumbh

March 21, 2024

Speedways Electric, a pioneering force in India’s electric vehicle (EV) sector, showcased its innovative solutions tailored for campus and last-mile mobility at Startup Mahakumbh, India’s premier startup event. Startup Mahakumbh serves as a convergence point for the entire Indian startup ecosystem, bringing together startups, investors, incubators, accelerators, and industry leaders.

Speedways Electric stands out as more than just a manufacturer; it’s a tech powerhouse driving the EV revolution with groundbreaking solutions for diverse sectors. From hospitality to industrial applications, Speedways Electric offers a comprehensive range of electric vehicles, including buses, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), and compact cars.

The company’s accomplishments speak volumes about its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. The company holds multiple patents for groundbreaking EV technology and has successfully exported to multiple countries, earning the trust of top corporate clients nationwide.

Startup Mahakumbh serves as an ideal platform for Speedways Electric to forge strategic partnerships and investment opportunities to fuel its growth trajectory. The event’s central theme, “Bharat Innovates,” aligns perfectly with Speedways Electric’s vision of driving innovation and sustainability in the electric mobility sector.

“At Speedways Electric, we envision being a globally recognized leader in sustainable electric mobility solutions,” said Sumit Aneja, Founder of Speedways Electric. “Our goal is to expand internationally, providing cutting-edge electric vehicles for various segments and contributing to a greener future.”

“We aim to capitalize on emerging trends and market opportunities to solidify our position as a global leader in the electric mobility industry,” added Aneja. “Through strategic collaborations and continuous innovation, we are committed to creating long-term value for our stakeholders and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.”

Speedways Electric engaged with startups, investors, and potential corporate partners at Startup Mahakumbh to foster collaboration and accelerate its growth journey. The company was committed to leveraging the platform provided by Startup Mahakumbh to expand its network, gain insights into emerging trends, and identify synergistic opportunities for growth and development.

About Speedways Electric:

Headquartered in Jalandhar, Punjab, Speedways Electric has been leading the electric vehicle (EV) revolution since its establishment in 2011. With a rich history rooted in the renowned Speedways group, the company is widely recognized as the “Father of the EV Industry.”  The company has achieved remarkable financial success, thanks to its exceptional products and services. Boasting a dynamic team of over 130 employees, the company’s dedication to excellence in the electric vehicle industry has propelled its growth and solidified its position as a market leader. With a diverse portfolio, Speedways Electric offers innovative EV solutions for last mile utility applications. Speedways Electric takes pride in its extensive pan-India servicing network, ensuring seamless service and support. They not only offer spare part replacements and repairs but also produce their own batteries and tires, ensuring compatibility with their vehicles and other popular golf cart brands.

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