Omega Seiki Invests 800 Crore to Setup Powertrain& Battery Plants in India
Omega Seiki Invests 800 Crore to Setup Powertrain& Battery Plants in India

Omega Seiki Invests 800 Crore to Setup Powertrain& Battery Plants in India

February 4, 2023

Omega Seiki Investment 

Omega Seiki Mobility, an Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, is investing a significant amount of Rs 800 crore in setting up electric vehicle (EV) powertrains and battery plants in the Indian states of Haryana and Maharashtra. This move is aimed at strengthening the company’s position in the Indian EV market and meeting the growing demand for sustainable transportation.

Powertrain Manufacturing 



The company will be collaborating with Jae Sung Tech of South Korea to manufacture electric powertrains with a range of 7 kW to 34 kW. The powertrains will be used in a range of Omega Seiki’s electric vehicles, providing efficient and reliable performance.

Battery Manufacturing 

The company is also partnering with iM3NY of the US to produce lithium-ion BM-LMP batteries. These batteries are known for their high energy density, long life, and safety, making them an ideal choice for electric vehicles.

The setting up of these powertrain and battery plants will not only help Omega Seiki meet the increasing demand for EVs in India, but it will also create job opportunities in the country. The plants are expected to be operational in the next two years, and the company aims to produce more than 50,000 powertrains and 100,000 batteries annually.

What founder and chairman of Omega said?

Uday Narang is the founder and Chairman of Omega, marking the event, he said, “Omega Seiki Mobility is India’s first fully integrated electric vehicle OEM with its own battery and powertrain technologies. These technologies give us control over the critical parts of the supply chain, thus helping us become a large-scale player in the industry. As cell and battery technologies are evolving rapidly, any serious OEM will need to continuously invest in them. The alliance with iM3NY ensures our access to world-class technology in batteries. Similarly, powertrains are evolving into high efficiency, integrated systems which Jae Sung Korea brings to us.”


Omega Seiki Mobility’s investment in EV powertrain and battery plants is a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation in India. The company’s collaboration with leading technology companies from South Korea and the US will help it deliver high-quality products to the Indian market and meet the growing demand for EVs. This investment is expected to contribute to the growth of the Indian EV industry and help the country in its journey toward a greener future.

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