Ola MoveOS 4 launched for all users With Unique Features
Ola MoveOS 4 launched for all users With Unique Features

Ola MoveOS 4 launched for all users With Unique Features

January 18, 2024
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After launching their beta version of Move OS4 in August, Ola Electric received a tremendous response from the customers and they decided to incorporate this feature in their scooters. This update will improve user experience and introduce cutting-edge technology to the EV Two-wheeler industry.

But what are these changes and how will they help to make a significant shift in the market is an important question so let’s dig in and find this new quest of Ola Electic.

Ola Electric MoveOS4 Features

Personalized Ola Maps

It gives the company and the users a wider area for correction and improvement down the line.

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Ride Stats and Energy Insights

Brings personalized insights about usage, performance, and battery insights. This will help to keep your Ola battery healthy. This also shows your maximum charging duration, it helps to track your behavior and performance with that of the community at large. All your data will be stored in the cloud so that you can revisit them.

You also get key vehicle information like the remaining range, battery, and motor temperature.

Redesigned UX on the Dashboard

The most used features can be accessed with one tap and the least used features can be accessed through other settings.

Care Mood

Care Mood is like a tribute to the first-time buyers of Ola scooters. Overall this mode talks about your environmental contribution and pocket-friendly budgets by using EVs. So the next time you get into an argument with your core ICE fellow, take him to the care mood to prove him wrong.

Safety and Security enhanced with MoveOS4

Geo & time restrictions with real-time alerts for a breach
Enhanced safety by restricting access to Sports & Hyper mode
Tamper alerts in case of unauthorized scooter access using AI (Krutrim)

Auto Turn off Indicator

Krutrim Al model trained on millions of turn data points
Ola Maps data for hundreds of different types of turns
S/W only solution that uses sensor fusion and also allows us to keep costs low
Highest rated feature by Beta customers – 4.6/5

Additional Features of MoveOS4

100+ improvements in MoveOS 4
Increased Range
Cruise in Eco Mode
Reboot from HMI
Faster Hyper charging
Disable Coast Regen
Improved proximity unlock
Insurance & Ola Care renewals through CApp
From Ola Electric
Improved Capp Sync
4 Set SOC limit for Hyper charging
Call Filtering
Biometric Unlock
Greetings via CApp & HMI
Hill Descent with smoother deactivation
Take Me Home lights
Garage Mode is for big families that use multiple Ola Scooters. This feature will help you unlock up to 10 scooters so that you have easy accessibility. This will also be available in B2B cases as well.

When will MoveOS4 will be available?

The Roll-out of MoveOS 4 for S1, S1 Pro, and S1 Air will start tonight & be completed by 25 January. It will be Coming Soon for S1X+ all you need to do is Connect your scooter to wifi. Follow these instructions-

Go to System Settings, turn on auto-download
Post downloading, Click on Install to upgrade to MoveOS 4
Install now

The latest update is now ready to be installed


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