Ola Electric patents swappable batteries, which could power its future models

Ola Electric patents swappable batteries, which could power its future models

May 25, 2024
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Ola Electric has filed a design patent for a removable battery intended for use in its electric vehicles. The patent reveals a cylindrical structure with a grab handle at the top, resembling other swappable batteries on the market. Notably, Ola’s electric scooters currently use a fixed battery setup, but this new swappable battery design could be integrated into the brand’s upcoming electric three-wheelers.

Commercial Applications and Reduced Downtime 

The introduction of swappable batteries by Ola Electric is likely aimed at commercial applications. These removable batteries are expected to significantly reduce downtime, making them ideal for vehicles that need to stay on the road for extended periods. It’s worth noting that Ola Electric acquired Etergo and its AppScooter, which originally featured removable batteries. While this technology was not used in the S1 lineup for the Indian market, Ola appears to be revisiting this concept for its future offerings.

Use of Swappable Batteries

Swappable batteries are predominantly utilized for commercial purposes, with a few exceptions. Hero-owned Vida is one of the rare electric two-wheeler brands to employ swappable battery technology. Similarly, Bounce incorporates swappable batteries in its e-scooters. However, the broader application is within commercial contexts. For instance, Yuma Energy uses swappable batteries for its last-mile electric two-wheelers, and Honda has developed its swappable batteries for electric three-wheelers in specific regions of the country.

Ola’s expanding product lineup

Ola Electric’s upcoming plans are not only limited to scooters and three-wheelers,  but the company is also working on electric cars and motorcycles. The first e-bike from Ola is slated to hit the market in 2025, with an electric car expected to arrive later in the decade. 

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