MTA EV Launches Shera Comfy Passenger & Shera R8 Cargo Electric Three Wheeler
MTA EV Launches Shera Comfy Passenger &  Shera R8 Cargo Electric Three Wheeler

MTA EV Launches Shera Comfy Passenger & Shera R8 Cargo Electric Three Wheeler

January 19, 2023

MTA Shera Comfy Passenger & Shera R8 Cargo

MTA E-Mobility, a budding electric vehicle (EV) company is a part of prominent component manufacturer MT Autocraft which is based in India. MTA E-mobility has recently launched two new models of the electric three-wheeler segment. These new models, the Shera Comfy and the Shera R8 come equipped with a dual-speed transmission, making them the first dual-speed e3Ws in the Indian market.

Shera Comfy is a passenger electric vehicle while Shera R8 is a commercial electric auto. The launch of these new models by MTA E-Mobility is a significant step forward for the EV industry in India.

Now before we dig into the specifications of these vehicles, let us understand what are the benefits of dual-speed transmission vehicles.

The two-speed transmission works in tandem with the electric motor of the vehicle which increases the torque and gears of the vehicle.
Along with increasing the torque, the transmission is possible in both directions of rotation which increases the flexibility of the structural design.


The electric three-wheelers have an automatic transmission and an 8.5 kW motor that gives a range of 125 km. The payload capacity of the E3W is 550 kg with low power consumption and higher torque at low speeds (RPM).


The Shera Comfy and Shera R8 launched in the L5 category at an introductory starting price of INR 3.45 lakh, while the Shera R8 is offered at a starting price of INR 3.9 lakh. These prices are quite competitive when compared to other EVs currently available in the Indian market, making the Shera e3W an attractive option for consumers looking for an affordable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

These vehicles have been developed in partnership with the joint efforts of Indian and Korean manufacturers taking three years to complete. The E3W has additional benefits like manual and automatic transmission, GPS-enabled fleet management, e-locks, and many more.

On the occasion of the launch, MTA E-Mobility Co-founder Mr. Vivek Jakhmola said, “Shera R8 is aimed at providing a profitable solution for individuals and fleet owners in cargo application while Shera Comfy is a first of its kind and an upgraded and comfortable and safe solution for passenger applications in the first and last mile mobility.”


8.5 kW

125 km

Payload Capacity
550 kg

L5 Category

Rs. 3.45- 3.9 lakh

Additional features 
Automatic Transmission, GPS-enabled fleet management, E-locks, etc.

Electric Three-wheeler Companies in India

As more companies, like MTA E-Mobility, enter the market and bring new and innovative products to consumers the market is likely to expand. Currently, several Electric three-wheeler companies are operating in India, including Mahindra Electric, Piaggio India, and Kinetic Green. These companies have been working to develop and manufacture EVs that are affordable, reliable, and suitable for the Indian market. They are also investing in building charging infrastructure and creating awareness among the people. Electric three-wheelers are the new source of earning money among low and middle-class people.

Way Forward

All these efforts combined will bring a wave of EV revolution in the Indian market. With more and more companies like MTA E-Mobility entering the market, we can expect to see more and more innovative and affordable EVs becoming available to Indian consumers. This will not only help to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels but also will decrease the pollution levels in the cities and contribute to the overall betterment of the environment.

The launch of the dual-speed Shera e3Ws by MTA E-Mobility is a promising step forward for the Indian EV market, and we can expect to see more companies following in their footsteps in the coming years. With the support of the government and the private sector, India is well on its way to becoming a major player in the global EV market.

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