Motovolt unveils another electric wonder at the 2023 Auto Expo
Motovolt unveils another electric wonder at the 2023 Auto Expo

Motovolt unveils another electric wonder at the 2023 Auto Expo

January 16, 2023

The Motovolt mobility limited company unveiled a brand-new multi-purpose e-scooter at Auto Expo 2023.

Motovolt unveils an intelligent multi-purpose e-scooter with dedicated storage space for bulky cargo, enhanced strength and carrying capacity as well as a removable passenger seat and two removable batteries for easy transportation at Auto Expo 2023.

Due to intelligently designed solutions, Motovolt’s new child ensures riders a safe and comfortable ride. The modularity of the e-scooter allows the driver to adjust as needed.

As a leading e-mobility brand, the company holds the top position in the intelligent e-bike category with over 100 pos. With the URBN, they challenge a brand-new category of electric bicycles.

With its dedicated storage capabilities, the Motovolt can move bulky cargo without compromising user safety, increasing strength and load capacity. As well, the removable rear seats, as well as the two removable and portable batteries, weigh about 10 kg each. The e-scooter also connects to the Motovolt app to provide a seamless experience for the driver.


Uniquely designed for bulky luggage, the large cargo space allows users to place their goods securely on the scooter. This allows for a more stable and safer ride. This is essential for the wellbeing of the rider. Also, compared to other scooters, the battery is AIS 156 Phase #2 compliant, making it many times safer than most electric vehicles.



The multi-purpose electric scooter will be available in advance through a subscription model, making it significantly cheaper than existing options. Motovolt is looking to offer end users the industry’s first promise of infinite battery life.

Motovolt founder and CEO Tushar Choudhary explained that they aimed to introduce a safe, affordable, and versatile commuting solution for riders with this e-scooter. Its modularity allows us to reuse functionality for different use cases, thus enhancing the driving experience. This makes it a unique multipurpose scooter suitable for different use cases in the same vehicle. He added that the scooter is connected to the Motovolt app, offering a streamlined, safe, and comfortable driving experience that allows users to transport goods and themselves without compromise.


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