MG showcased Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell MPV Euniq 7 at Auto Expo 2023
MG showcased Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell MPV Euniq 7 at Auto Expo 2023

MG showcased Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell MPV Euniq 7 at Auto Expo 2023

January 13, 2023

MG Euniq 7

The Euniq 7 fuel cell MPV is the most intriguing vehicle unveiled at the MG Motor booth at Auto Expo 2023. In order to gauge public interest and assess their launch, MG displayed a variety of electrified vehicles at the Auto Expo, including plug-in hybrids, BEVs, and the Euniq 7 FCEV.

Powertrain and Range

Although MG withheld information about specifications, the Euniq 7’s hydrogen fuel cell powertrain may produce a maximum of 201 horsepower same as on it’s international markets. The 6.4 kg hydrogen cylinder for the Euniq 7 can be quickly refilled, as well as MG claims the MPV has a range of up to 605 kilometres. The Euniq 7 solely emits water, as is the case with any FCEV.


The Euniq 7’s interior has a seven-seat configuration arrangement with individual captain seats in the middle row and a 2 plus 2 plus 3 configuration. It has a tiered dashboard with a free-standing touchscreen in the centre that looks rather luxurious. A huge panoramic sunroof, a digital instrument panel, and ADAS functions are among the other features.


It also has projector equipped, wrap-around LED headlights. The MPV measures about 2 metres in width and more than 5 metres in length overall. Electric sliding doors are installed on both sides, and the B-pillar serves to divide a sizable glass space.

Fuel Cell Technology

MG Motors is excited to present the top hydrogen fuel cell technology in the globe as the industry continues to investigate alternative fuel solutions.

The third-generation fuel cell technology used by the Euniq 7 has a peak power output of 125PS and is known as “PROME P390.” Like all hydrogen-powered electric vehicles, the Euniq 7 solely emits water. It only takes mere 3 minutes to refill this fuel cell.

Premium Features

Premium materials are used, including dual-tone perforated leather, the front seats have ventilation and memory features, the instrument cluster has a digital display, and a second, sizable display for the infotainment system is located in the centre.

FCEV Platform

It is the first Hyundai FCEV built on a specific architecture and as a result, it offers advantages like a better power-to-weight ratio, increased interior space, the relocation of the battery to the boot, an improved layout for the fuel cell system, quicker acceleration, and a lighter kerb weight overall, among others.


As of right now, MG hasn’t disclosed any intentions to introduce the Euniq 7 MPV in India and has brought the EV model here as an opportunity to showcase its powertrain innovations.

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