Kolkata-Based E-Went launched Electric Scooter Lightning at 1.15 Lakh/-
Kolkata-Based E-Went launched Electric Scooter Lightning at 1.15 Lakh/-

Kolkata-Based E-Went launched Electric Scooter Lightning at 1.15 Lakh/-

June 17, 2024
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Kolkata, West Bengal: E-WENT announced the launch of its latest high-speed electric two-wheeler, the ‘LIGHTNING’ during its Annual Meet 2023-24. Designed for those who crave fashion, style and performance. LIGHTNING combines sporty elegance with sleek design, promising a hassle-free drive for all occasions.

The standout feature of LIGHTNING is its dual portable batteries, which are easily removable for added convenience. Whether you’re commuting to work or enjoying a leisurely ride with a loved one, LIGHTNING ensures you do it with pride and ease.

E-WENT Managing Director Umang Kumar Saraogi expressed his excitement about this launch: “LIGHTNING is a very special model for us. Its unique style and design, combined with top-notch features, are available at a very consumer-friendly price. We are confident it will redefine the electric scooter market.”

Key Features of LIGHTNING 

– Hydraulic Shocker: For a smooth and comfortable ride.

– 3.4KW Dual Portable Battery: Easy to remove and charge anywhere.

– Projector Head Lamps: Enhanced visibility for safer night rides.

– Remote Lock/Unlock for Keyless Start: Cutting-edge convenience at your fingertips.

– Gents & Ladies Footrest: Designed for everyone’s comfort.

Technical Features of the model

1. Dual portable battery 3.4kw lithium ion

2. 3kw hub motor

3. Dual projector headlamps

4. Combi-Braking system

6. LED Tail Lights

7. Italian leather seats

8. Range 130kms

How can you buy E-Went Lightning Scooter? 

LIGHTNING is now available in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, and West Bengal. 

About E-WENT

Branched from the 50 year old legacy Saraogi Group of Companies, E-Went is an Electric Two-Wheelers manufacturing company with over 120 dealers spanning across east India. The company is known for its superior quality that focuses on durability, strength and longevity with cut throat technology that is available to its customers at attractive prices. The company has sold over 6000 vehicles in the last financial year and has a warranty claim of less than 2%. Think of Pride, think of an E-Went Ride.

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