Hero MotoCorp A 3-Wheel to 2-Wheel Transformer Vehicle
Hero MotoCorp A 3-Wheel to 2-Wheel Transformer Vehicle

Hero MotoCorp A 3-Wheel to 2-Wheel Transformer Vehicle

January 30, 2024
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Hero MotoCorp’s Surge startup has introduced an innovative electric vehicle (EV) that aims to revolutionize urban mobility by taking inspiration from Batman’s Batmobile. The Surge S32 is a distinctive three-wheeler EV designed to seamlessly transform into a two-wheeler scooter in just three minutes, 3-Wheel to 2-Wheel Transformer Vehicle, providing Indian commuters with a versatile transportation solution.

Let’s  quickly delve into the important details of this new inventive vehicle by Hero MotoCorp:

Excitement and Recognition

RPG Group chairman Harsh Goenka recently shared an engaging video showcasing the Surge S32, generating widespread excitement among EV enthusiasts across the country. The unique ability of the vehicle to convert from a 3-Wheel to 2-Wheel Transformer Vehicle with a simple button press has garnered attention and recognition in the evolving electric vehicle landscape.

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 Innovative Design and Features

The Surge S32 exhibits a significant leap in EV technology, resembling a conventional three-wheeler electric cargo vehicle with essential features such as a front passenger cabin, windscreen, headlights, turn indicators, and windscreen wipers. What sets this vehicle apart is its swift transition mechanism – the front windshield lifts vertically to unveil the electric scooter within, while the vehicle’s cabin transforms seamlessly using a spring-loaded double-stand mechanism.


Surge S32 Specifications

Top Speed
50 km/h
60 km/h

Load-Carrying Capacity
500 kg

Utility Focus
Goods Transport,

Delivery Services

Urban Navigation
Congested Areas
Urban Roads



Delivery Drivers


The Surge S32 efficiently allocates power and battery resources between its 3-wheeler (3W) and 2-wheeler (scooter) components. The 3W is propelled by a robust 10 kW (13.4 bhp) engine, delivering substantial power, while the scooter is equipped with a 3 kW (4 bhp) engine, providing efficient performance. To support extended journeys, the 3W is integrated with an 11 kWh battery, ensuring a significant range, while the scooter features a sizable 3.5 kWh battery for optimized electric mobility.

Advanced Performance and Efficiency

Equipped with LED headlights, turn indicators, a speedometer, and switchgear, the electric scooter component of the Surge S32 ensures a comfortable ride for urban commuters. Notably, the vehicle intelligently allocates power and battery resources between the three-wheeler and the scooter, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. This breakthrough in design and functionality signifies a remarkable step forward in the integration of technology and practicality in the electric vehicle sector.

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