Gensol EV spotted for the first time:
Gensol EV spotted for the first time:

Gensol EV spotted for the first time:

January 8, 2024

With three wheels, the Gensol EV spotted in testing might be sold as a motor tricycle that requires only a motorcycle license to operate.

Gensol Group is primarily known for its solar business, but now it is also entering the electric vehicle industry. To reduce city congestion, the company offers urban mobility solutions. A test mule of the Gensol EV was spotted in Chakan, Pune after the company teased the car online last month. Hat tip to automotive enthusiast K Pratham for spotting this test mule.

First sighting of Gensol EV

As part of its expansion, Gensol Electric Vehicles PVT LTD has established a base in the largest auto cluster in India, Pune. As far as I know, the company’s headquarters are located in Mundhwa, Pune, and the manufacturing facility is located in Chakan, with a capacity to produce 30,000 units annually.

A temporary registration has been provided by Chinchwad RTO on the test mule, with a plate reading “on the test.”. The mission of Gensol is to develop efficient and affordable electric vehicles. In terms of pricing, this segment is below the MG Comet EV but above the PMV segment.

Another noteworthy competitor, Ligier Mygi, a French entrant, is also vying to enter this segment. Test mules of this model have been observed on Indian roads. Renault is planning a Kwid EV that will end up in this segment as well. So, this is a potent segment for Gensol to target.

The 3W architecture is distinguished by a front-wheel-drive design, with the rear wheels remaining unpowered.

In what manner will the seating be arranged?

Given that the Gensol EV, recently spotted in testing, targets affordable urban electric mobility, we can anticipate a small battery pack capable of 200 km claimed and 150 km of real-world range, paired with a single motor FWD layout, powering both front wheels. Gensol’s tallboy design could be a concern for buyers, as it has a high center of gravity and three wheels.

Gensol is also working on ADAS technology and auto parking features, which will be available with their first EV. Inside, you’ll find two electric windows, a manual air conditioner, an Android-based touchscreen infotainment system (probably aftermarket), a one-pan sunroof, and much more. This test mule had standard halogen reflector-style tail lights.

Looking at the rear section, it’s possible that Gensol will be using axle braking rather than wheel braking for the rear single wheel. It’s also possible that there’ll be an RWD setup as well, given all the hidden components around the rear wheel. Its launch could happen around 2025, and the price could be lower than the MG Comet. The big question is – Can we drive this with a motorcycle license?

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