Foldable Electric Bicycles: How Hornback is Transforming Urban Mobility
Foldable Electric Bicycles: How Hornback is Transforming Urban Mobility

Foldable Electric Bicycles: How Hornback is Transforming Urban Mobility

June 8, 2024
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Cycling is a fantastic way to stay fit, reduce your carbon footprint, and explore your surroundings. However, many people hesitate to embark on long bicycle rides due to concerns about returning to their starting point and the inconvenience of carrying or parking a bulky bike. High-quality bicycles are essential for ensuring comfortable and long journeys, providing the durability and performance needed to tackle various terrains and distances without causing fatigue or mechanical issues.

To address these concerns, Hyderabad-based Hornback E-Mobility Pvt Ltd offers an impressive range of electric, diamond-framed foldable bicycles. These bikes combine the convenience of portability with the power of electric assistance, ensuring that riders can easily navigate through urban landscapes and beyond without worrying about storage or transportation issues.

So, in this article, we will delve into the story of Hornback E-Mobility and explore their innovative approach to sustainable e-mobility, revolutionizing urban commuting and making cycling a more viable and attractive option for everyone.

So, how did it all start for the founders?

Hyderabad-based– Hornback E-Mobility, founded by Nishith Parikh and Raj Kumar Kewat, IIT Bombay students, was established in 2022. The founders, alumni of IIT Bombay, have previously designed racing cars, Kamikaze drones for DRDO, patented home automation systems, and an award-winning solar lamp. They created the world’s first diamond frame folding electric bicycle and hold four patents, making them one of the few Indian companies with in-house design, R&D, fabrication, and paint systems.

To go back into history, it all began at IIT Bombay when the two batchmates at the Industrial Design Centre bonded over their shared passion for well-designed products. Inspired by IIT Bombay’s Green initiative, which encouraged the use of eco-friendly transportation within the campus, they sought to address the challenge of exploring areas outside the campus. The difficulty of taking bikes on crowded local trains spurred them to create a solution that combined their love for travel, innovation, and sustainable design.

Harnessing their experience from multiple working projects, Nishith and Raj developed a design-led approach to solve their commuting problem. They envisioned a prototype that maintained the build and ride quality of a traditional diamond-framed bicycle while being compact enough to fit into small spaces on trains. Their innovative products not only facilitate convenient urban commuting but also support eco-friendly transportation, aligning with the principles they valued during their time at IIT Bombay.

Why Foldable Electric Bicycles?

Founders Nishith Parikh and Raj Kumar Kewat realized that many people avoided long bicycle rides due to the fear of not being able to return to their starting point. To address this, they decided to create an e-cycle that was as portable and foldable as their other non-electric models. After many iterations and months of hard work, they unveiled the world’s first diamond-framed foldable bicycle. Combining the sturdiness of the diamond frame with innovative foldability, they created a bicycle unlike any before.

On May 23, 2022, they launched Hornback E-Mobility Pvt Ltd to manufacture and sell these revolutionary bicycles. Hornback’s electric, diamond-framed foldable bikes offer a unique solution for cyclists, making long rides more accessible and enjoyable without the hassle of storage or transportation issues.

About the Products 

Hornback has quickly gained popularity among bicycle enthusiasts and the general public alike, continuing to grow in the e-cycle field and winning over many fans. Whether you are a dedicated cyclist, a casual rider, or someone seeking eco-friendly and innovative transportation options, Hornback has something for everyone. They offer three models—X1, M1, and M1S—catering to different age groups, starting from as young as 14. Here are the products: X1, M1, and M1S. 

X1 Electric Bicycle

The Hornback X1 is a game-changer, blending superior electric performance with remarkable portability for adaptive riding. For the first time, breakthrough electric capabilities are combined with the versatility of a foldable design. Equipped with built-in casters, the X1 enhances portability by allowing the bike to be rolled with ease when folded. These casters, in conjunction with the revolutionary walk mode, enable the X1 to move automatically without pushing, providing superior maneuverability and elevating your riding experience to a whole new level.

Transformed by the patented Hornback folding mechanism, the X1 features a striking stainless steel 304 and alloy steel diamond frame that folds in seconds and rolls effortlessly when folded. It remains exceptionally solid and stable whether rolled or lifted.



Panasonic battery

Up to 45 km of real-world range

250 W heavy-duty motor

Ride Modes
5 levels of pedal assist 

Pedal Assist
5 levels to handle inclines and uphills

Throttle Mode
Eliminates the need for pedaling

Pure Pedal Mode
To achieve fitness goals

Battery Features
– Removable Panasonic battery, Quick charging to 80% in less than 3 hours, Easily removable with the included key

Battery Capacity
7.65 AH

23 kg



The Hornback X1 features the Shimano Tourney groupset that transforms your riding experience. Riders can shift into the right gear to maintain complete control and enjoy a smooth, efficient ride. The X1 is equipped with front and rear disc brakes with an electric cut-off, ensuring safe stops whether you’re riding fast, navigating traffic, or cycling in the rain. The display provides clear ride information, showing speed, distance, battery level, and pedal assist level, enhancing visibility even at night. Additionally, the integrated headlight and horn ensure you are seen and heard, providing safety during night rides.

The X1’s robust design includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, with all joints strong and rigid. Clamps are tested in extreme conditions, and the folding mechanism is designed to last up to 20 years. This bike is easy to set up, requiring no technician for assembly—simply unbox, unfold, and ride. With these features, the Hornback X1 offers an unparalleled cycling experience, combining safety, convenience, and high performance. 


The Hornback X1 is priced at Rs 44,999. It is available in two color combinations: Grey-Orange and Blue-Orange

Hornback E Mobility also offers non-electric bicycles, the M1 and M1s, which deliver similar superior performance as the X1 electric bicycle. 

Dealers and Service Centres

Hornback has over 250 service centers and authorized dealers nationwide, and its products are available on leading e-commerce sites like Amazon, and Flipkart, as well as their own website.

Big Names Involved: Anand Mahindra 

Last year, the Mahindra group’s chairman, Anand Mahindra, praised the Hornback group on Twitter for designing the first foldable diamond e-bike with full-size wheels, noting that it is 35% more efficient than other foldable bikes. Mahindra also disclosed that he is an investor in the startup founded by IIT Bombay students. 

A bunch of IIT Bombay guys have made us proud again. They’ve created the first foldable diamond frame e-bike with full-size wheels in the world. That makes the bike not only 35% more efficient than other foldable bikes but it makes the bike stable at higher than medium speed. And…

— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) October 21, 2023

Mahindra was seen taking the Hornback X1 for a spin around his office compound. “A bunch of IIT Bombay guys have made us proud again. They’ve created the first foldable diamond frame e-bike with full-size wheels in the world. That makes the bike not only 35% more efficient than other foldable bikes but it makes the bike stable at higher than medium speed. And it’s the only bike that doesn’t have to be lifted after folding. Took my very own HORNBACK X1 for a spin around the office compound! (Full disclosure: I have invested in their startup.) Hornback is available on Amazon as well as on Flipkart,” he captioned the post.

The involvement of prominent figures like Anand Mahindra with Hornback E Mobility signifies to the public that the company is credible and its products are trustworthy. It reassures consumers that the innovative foldable diamond e-bike with full-size wheels is a reliable and efficient choice, backed by respected industry leaders. 

Future Plans of Hornback E-Mobility
The company has some exciting new launches on the way, potentially including more unique electric bicycles and their accessories. 

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