Convert Petrol/Diesel Car Into EV
Convert Petrol/Diesel Car Into EV

Convert Petrol/Diesel Car Into EV

January 10, 2024
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Convert Petrol/Diesel Car Into EV 

Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming the driving force behind the future of the automotive industry and sustainable transportation, gaining immense popularity nationwide. Esteemed companies such as Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, etc., have played a pivotal role in this shift by introducing high-quality electric vehicles. Despite the common perception that electric cars come with a heftier price tag compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, the increasing interest in eco-friendly practices is encouraging. Rather than letting cost be a deterrent, individuals can explore an alternative avenue – converting existing petrol or diesel vehicles into electric ones. Convert Petrol/Diesel Car Into EV, In India, this conversion process is not only feasible but also cost-effective, offering an accessible means to transition towards electric mobility. 

Top 5 Electric Car Companies in India 2023

Numerous companies specialize in providing high-quality conversion services for petrol and diesel cars, and one notable player in this arena is Haryana-based doReal Motors Pvt. Ltd.

So, now let’s,  explore the services offered by this company and gain insights into the specifics of doReal Motors’ expertise in vehicle conversion.


doReal Motors is a Haryana-based automation manufacturing company that initially established itself as an EV retrofitment enterprise. The company embarked on its journey with the mission of revitalizing ICE-powered vehicles by transforming them into electric vehicles (EVs). Over time, doReal Motors has expanded its vision to encompass a broader spectrum of services, including EV Battery Manufacturing, refurbishing, and enhancing existing EV battery packs. Additionally, the company is actively involved in prototyping 2W, 3W, and 4W vehicles for OEMs. With a commitment to providing superior quality at equitable prices, doReal Motors Private Limited distinguishes itself through years of industry experience and the expertise to efficiently cater to customer needs, ensuring they are consistently satisfied with their offerings.


Convert Petrol/Diesel Car Into EV,Converting an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle into an Electric Vehicle (EV) is an intricate process involving crucial steps. Notably, this isn’t a simple DIY project, demanding specialized knowledge and skills. Legal and safety considerations vary by location, necessitating compliance with local regulations. The conversion process encompasses vehicle assessment, motor and battery pack selection, controller and charging system integration, transmission adaptation, power inverter installation, cooling system implementation, wiring adjustments, and comprehensive testing. Ensuring safety compliance and obtaining necessary certifications are paramount in this highly specialized task, emphasizing the need for expertise in automotive engineering and electrical systems.

Bhanu Pratap Singh, Founder of Doreal Motors With Electric Nano (Converted)

In this multifaceted process, the first step involves evaluating the existing vehicle’s condition, considering factors like weight, size, and available space for components. Subsequent steps include selecting an electric motor and battery pack, installing a controller, integrating a charging system, adapting the transmission, adding a power inverter, implementing a cooling system, adjusting wiring and controls, and conducting rigorous testing. Attention to safety considerations and thorough documentation, along with compliance with local regulations, are integral aspects of this intricate conversion process.


The viability of converting a vehicle into an Electric Vehicle (EV) is contingent upon several factors, encompassing its size, weight, design, and available space for batteries and electric components. Generally, smaller and lighter vehicles are deemed more suitable for conversion due to the challenges associated with accommodating batteries while maintaining optimal performance.

DOREAL MOTORS converts almost all kinds of vehicles, especially:-

1.    Classic Cars – HM Ambassador, HM Contessa, Fiat Padmini, etc.

2.    Compact Cars – Maruti 800, Alto, WagonR, Swift, i10, i20, Nano etc.

3.    Light Trucks and Vans – Tata Ace, Maruti Omni, Maruti Eco, etc.

4.    SUVs – Toyota Innova, Fortuner, Captavia, Duster, Safari etc.

5.    Sports Car – Porsche 911, Ferrari Spider etc.

6.    Scooters and Bikes – Splender, Activa, Jupiter, etc.


The cost of conversion kits for cars varies, ranging from 3 lakhs to 9 lakhs, contingent upon factors such as the model, weight, size, and manufacturing year of the vehicle. For instance, a small-sized hatchback conversion is estimated to cost around 3 lakhs. This comprehensive kit includes the entire EV drivetrain, encompassing components such as the EV motor, EV controller, AC Compressor, Vacuum Pump, Throttle Body, DC-DC Converter, and High Voltage Battery. Remarkably, this conversion typically provides a range of 200 kilometers, showcasing the efficiency and capability of the converted electric vehicle.

The company has submitted an application for an ARAI license, focusing on small hatchbacks and sedans like Alto, WagonR, Swift, Swift Dzire, Ertiga, Innova, Bolero, i10, i20, Xcent, etc. Once granted, the license will authorize the legal conversion of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)-powered cars to Electric Vehicle (EV) powertrains. The converted vehicles will be eligible for green passing during registration, adhering to India’s EV policy. The company anticipates the issuance of the ARAI license before March 2024.


The company extends its services throughout India, facilitating retrofits either on-site at the vehicle location or within its premises in New Delhi. It maintains a presence in key locations, including Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmedabad, and has expanded its reach to Kathmandu, Nepal.


The company has developed its own Electric Vehicle (EV) Chassis, set to be unveiled soon. Additionally, preparations are underway for the commencement of a factory dedicated to manufacturing EV components, including the EV Motor, Controller, High Voltage Battery Pack, and other essential spare parts. The focus spans across various vehicle sizes, encompassing cars, scooters, bikes, autos, and E-Rickshaws.



Top Speed
115 km/hr

Highest Range
320 km/charge

Battery Capacity
40 kWh

Motor Capacity
50 kW

Battery Chemistry
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Prismatic Cells


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