Ather Grid and Ather Dot: Everything You Need to Know
Ather Grid and Ather Dot: Everything You Need to Know

Ather Grid and Ather Dot: Everything You Need to Know

February 8, 2023

Ather Grid: The Smart, Safe, and Reliable Charging Solution for Electric Vehicles

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it’s becoming more and more important to have convenient and reliable charging solutions. Ather Grid brings you just that, with its innovative charging solutions that cater to the needs of different environments such as apartments, universities, offices, and commercial spaces.

Features of Ather Grid Chargers

One Space, One Dashboard

With Ather Grid, you can keep track of your charging stats on a mobile-friendly website, allowing you to monitor your usage easily and efficiently.

Real-Time Charger Status

With Ather Grid, you can check the status of your charger in real-time, making it easy to resolve any issues that may arise. The automated claims system makes it even easier to get reimbursements.

Quick Resolution

Ather Grid provides you with a one-tap connection to Ather Customer Care, ensuring that you get quick and efficient support whenever you need it.

Monitor from Anywhere

Ather Grid’s mobile app allows you to monitor your charging session from anywhere, so you can keep tabs on your scooter’s progress even if you’re not there.

Online Software Updates

Ather Grid provides online software updates for new features and bug fixes, ensuring that your charging experience remains smooth and hassle-free.

Rainproof and Durable

Ather Grid’s chargers are IP54-rated, making them suitable for use in both open and closed parking spaces. They are also designed to withstand a range of temperatures, from -5°C to 55°C.

Smart Charging

Ather Grid’s chargers are equipped with mobile apps that allow you to check the availability of the charger and start charging your scooter without any wait time. The KED indicators also make it easy to see the availability of the charger at a glance.

Safety First

Ather Grid’s chargers come equipped with several in-built safety features such as short-circuit protection, shock protection, and an emergency stop button, ensuring that your charging experience is always safe and secure.

Compatible with All Electric Vehicles

Ather Grid’s chargers are compatible with electric vehicles that use a 5A charger, making it easy to charge your scooter no matter what type of vehicle you have.

Why Use Ather Grid?

Convenient Charging

With over 1000 Grid Points in more than 80 cities, Ather Grid provides you with the convenience of charging your scooter wherever you go. You can easily find the nearest charger using the Ather Grid app.

 Fast Charging

Ather Grid’s chargers allow you to charge your scooter at 1.5 km/min, meaning that you can get a day’s range in just 30 minutes. The hassle-free plug-and-charge system makes it easy to get your scooter charged and back on the road in no time.

100% Coverage

Ather Grid provides 100% coverage against defects and failures, ensuring that your riding experience is always protected. The idle state assurance system also ensures that your scooter stays in good condition even if you don’t use it for extended periods.

Specifications of Ather Grid

Charger power
3.3kW AC charging

Max Current

Socket type
3-pin socket

GSM(SIM card), Wi-fi, and Bluetooth

Check the live status of the charging station using Ather Grid

Charging Indicator
Check the live status of the vehicle. When the light switches from Red to Green.

Safety features
Overcurrent protection, shock protection

IP-54 rainproof, temperature range -5 to 55 degrees

Floor and Wall stand


How much do I need to pay for charging from Ather Grid?

Until March 31st, 2023, all-electric vehicles can be charged for free. After that date, customers can access fast charging for Ather vehicles through the Ather app and pay a nominal fee for the service.

Prices of Ather Grid

According to the company, “We are working out the pricing for Ather Grid charging and shall communicate the details soon. Until then, enjoy the free charging!”

Ather Grid’s Milestone

Ather has installed 1000 Ather Grid across India. So now you don’t need to worry as to where I might find Ather Grid. This achievement makes them the largest two-wheeler fast-charging network in the world.


 Ather Dot

Ather Dot is a home charger designed for individuals who have a dedicated parking space and travel within the city, with a range of 80-100 km. It is intended for overnight charging and requires authentication to prevent power theft. The installation includes arrangements for the power source and ensures safety. With the help of additional accessories, the charger can also be made weatherproof for worry-free use.

The Portable Charger is ideal for those without a designated parking space or who travel longer distances where accessing the Ather Grid fast charging network may be difficult. It is important to note that some sockets may not meet safety standards and the charger may reject them to protect the battery. When using the Portable Charger, it is recommended to avoid outdoor sockets that are not protected from the elements.

Charging Cost

A full charge for an Ather 450X using the home charger (Ather Dot) or the portable charger takes about 4 kWh of electricity, which costs approximately ₹20 to ₹35 (based on a cost of ₹4 to ₹8 per kWh).

Ather Battery Protect for electric scooters

Get Ather Battery Protect for only ₹6,999, which will protect your EV scooter battery for a long period of time of 8 years and experience the convenience, reliability, and safety of Ather Grid for yourself!

Non-Ather EV Charging options

If you are a Non-Ather user, don’t worry we have some charging solutions for you as well.

If you are a non-Ather user, I am sorry but you cannot use the fast charging protocol of Ather Grid. However, you still can use the AC charger of 2.5kW Ather for charging your non-Ather EV.
Also if you have a 5A or 15A socket, you can charge your non-Ather EV. You don’t need to carry your charger for connecting with the Ather Grid.
You cannot use a personal charging portable charger for your non-Ather EV but you can always spot the Ather Grid and plug-in.

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