Ather Energy Prepares to Unveil “Halo” Smart Helmet at Community Day Event
Ather Energy Prepares to Unveil “Halo” Smart Helmet at Community Day Event

Ather Energy Prepares to Unveil “Halo” Smart Helmet at Community Day Event

March 12, 2024

Electric two-wheeler leader Ather Energy has teased its upcoming innovation, the “Halo” smart helmet, in the lead-up to their 2024 Community Day event scheduled for April 6th in Bengaluru.

Ather has yet to reveal all the details surrounding the Halo, but the teaser clip showcases a sleek silver helmet emblazoned with the Halo branding. Ather CEO Tarun Mehta has playfully referred to it as a “top-secret accessory,” further piquing the interest of the company’s fans.

Anticipated Features

Experts predict the Halo will be packed with smart features, potentially including:

Built-in Head-Up Display (HUD): A transparent display that projects information onto the rider’s visor, such as speed, navigation, and battery life.
Bluetooth Connectivity: Allowing for pairing to smartphones for music, calls, and potentially even connecting to the rider’s Ather scooter for vehicle data.

More Than Just a Helmet

The inclusion of a HUD suggests the Halo might be more than just a helmet. It could be the centerpiece of a connected ecosystem for Ather riders.

Community Day and Beyond

The official unveiling of the Halo is expected to take place at the Community Day event, where Ather will also be showcasing the new Ather Rizta electric scooter and their latest software update, Atherstack 6.

While pricing and availability details are still under wraps, the Halo is expected to be Ather’s most expensive accessory yet. With the official reveal just around the corner, enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to learn more about this innovative product and its potential impact on the future of two-wheeled electric transportation.

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